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damn tbt

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Anonymous asked:
I get a real douchebag vibe from the old drummer from tssf and I'm glad he's gone. How did you feel about him?


Before Torf there were two other drummers

Ryan Justice (2011)
Cameron Macbain (2011–2012)

I personally think they both seem like chill dudes.

Hello anonymous friend if you see this I promise I’m not a fuckboi I’m just scared of people I don’t know :-)

Snarl (Parker Cannon Of TSSF) Release Debut Demo



Parker Cannon of The Story So Far has released a four song demo under a name Snarl. Stream it below.

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Hi I drummed on this and you should give it a listen if you feel like it

326 plays


Mikey & The Happy Daddy Band - “Sad Pile”

D*Face Unveils 'Scars and Stripes' Exhibit

LA area friends: I’ll be working at this art show on the 26th and 27th. Come say hi!

Anonymous asked:
she is going to break your heart


the first time i pooped in the adult toilet my mom took me to chuck-e-cheese the second time i pooped in the toilet my mom didn’t take me and i cried

it’s a cold world



Growing Up Is Dumb v.2